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Creative Thinking: Inspires Ideas. Inspires Change ~ Barbara Januszkiewicz


Literature Club at VESIM had conducted its first event, an interactive session on “Creative thinking: Thoughts to Actions” on 13th Sept, 2017 by Mr. Sudeep Nagarkar. The session was designed to bring out creativity & thoughts of students in more organized manner. The key takeaways from the event is summarized below.

What do we mean when we say we are creative?

Do we mean that we have something which is unique or do we mean that we have ability to perceive the world in new ways, or to find hidden patterns? Every individual has its own definition when it comes describing it, but what we don’t know is “out of limitations comes creativity”

So, know it further what creativity and creative thinking is all about we invited Sudeep Nagarkar the author of three bestselling novels ‘Few Things Left Unsaid (2011), That’s the Way We Met (2012) It Started with a Friend Request (2013) on board to interact with the students who aspire to become creative of their own kind.



Highlights of the event:

Do it with passion, or not at all: Sudeep sir encouraged us to be passionate to create something different but with a deadline. He shared with us his story about how well he manages time with his books and writings. According to him having a deadline is very important as it not all will motivate us to work hard towards our passion but will also help us achieve what we dream of.

Story and character: As we all know Sudeep Nagarkar is known for the books which focuses on the genre which are more inclined towards love, friendship and young adult but what is also inspired in his writing are the current trends which is something creative and attracts the young audience.  According to him, the story should as simple as ABC but every content should be inspiring. Sudeep Nagarkar also mentioned that title of the book should reflect the story of the book. He further added that characters play an important role not only in the book but also in real life. He mentioned that his characters have always helped him to grow and be a better person.

Passion, fear and balance: Passion and fear go hand in hand. Fear can be of rejection, fear of failure, fear of what the world will think, fear of not being capable in doing something different, fear of expressing our passion and what not but there’s always a way to overcome our fear and show the world what we are capable of and showing how better we are when compared to them. We have to live in a world which is full of criticism, shinning out of those criticism is something which Sudeep Sir inspired us to do. All we have to do is be generous, accept and polish so that we shine brighter. Sudeep Sir said that just like our life we should also maintain a proper balance in our writing and go with a proper balanced flow.

Create the things you wish existed, and that will tell your story.



Knowledge remains at the core of all learning processess.'VESIM Literati Fest' enables the learning by exposing participants to understand writings on the current social context of India. VESIM Literati Fest is organized by the youth,for the youth and of the youth which aims at exploring the talent within yourself.

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